Titanic (1)

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TitleTitanic (1)
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsVicary, T
Series TitleFact files
Number of Pages56
CityNew York

In April 1912 the Titanic arrived in Southampton in the south of England. Everyone was excited about the new ship. It was the biggest ship in the world, the most beautiful, perhaps the fastest. And it was much safer than older ships, because it had sixteen compartments with emergency doors. The new ship had radio too. Passengers could send messages from the ship to their friends at home!
Captain Smith and his officers and sailors were ready. Then the passengers came — millionaires, young people, families of six, people from more than forty different countries. Many of them wanted to begin a new life in America.
So the Titanic went to Cherbourg in France, then Queenstown in Ireland, and then left for New York. There were 2,224 people on the ship, but there were lifeboats for only half of them. But that did not matter. The Titanic was unsinkable . . .

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On a quiet sea, the biggest ship in the world is waiting. There is no noise from the engines. Up in the night sky there are hundreds of stars. Behind the ship, an iceberg - a great mountain of ice - goes slowly away into the black night. In the beautiful first-class rooms, rich passengers eat and listen to music. Down in the third-class cabins, families sleep. An exciting new life is waiting for them in America. But for many of the people in this small 'city on the sea', this is their last night alive ...